Martin Saunier-Plumaz

Martin Saunier-Plumaz

Contributing to the commercial development of French companies abroad.

Martin Saunier-Plumaz is a Business Development Manager with eight years of international experience in various industries. After graduating from a Master’s of Marketing in 2009, Martin joined his father’s construction material firm as Product Marketing Manager. He contributed to the company’s shift towards a more diversified business through the launch of new product lines, and later went on to lead the sales & marketing division.

Pushed by a desire to gain international work experience, Saunier-Plumaz resigned from his father’s firm at the end of 2014. He joined Imed, an organization which provides part-time international business developers to French SMBs and moved to Dubai, one of the world’s top business hubs. Martin currently serves as Regional Business Development Manager and contributes to the expansion of three companies in the Middle-East. Throughout his mission, Martin Saunier-Plumaz has gained extensive knowledge of sales & marketing best practices in the field of Renewable Energy (Solar), Healthcare, and Retail.

Saunier-Plumaz believes that a company’s success is linked to its ability to do business on a global scale and he is eager to put his experience in the matter to good use. Before he moved to the United Arab Emirates, he was a member of CGPME, a French national organization for entrepreneurship. He led workshops to help small business owners with no prior international experience learn about the basics of international trade.

Proud geek, Martin enjoys all things digital. He spends his free time reading about tech innovation and programming micro-computers to make his home more autonomous. He loves talking about digital marketing and sharing tips and tricks about SEO and UX design. Martin Saunier-Plumaz is also an amateur golfer and likes to conclude his day with a session at the driving range.

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2016 – Young French Professional Award – United Arab Emirates
French Foreign Trade Advisors

2014 – Entrepreneur’s network Laureate
Réseau Entreprendre

2012 – Emailing of the Year award.
Sarbacane Software